Kustom Kulture 2014 Forever

Thank you for your numerous appearance and the mega bash!

We could raise the bar in terms of quality even higher in some sections: cars , bikes , artists, tattoo artists and party. 

Great we found again the peaceful co-existence among all guests. 

The new site has also proved more than suitable for our purposes. In particular, the illumination of the mine at night was great to see! 

We would like to thank:

Dickies - our main sponsor The Draggers CC Andreas Coenen for the implementation of the Tattoo Show , which has
everything put in the shade.

- Manny and his team of TECEBE

- Jürgen and Tanja, who organized again this year the whole musical number

- Jessica Hierschbiel for moderation

- Dirk "The Pixeleye " Behlau for the web service and show coverage

All Carclubs as the the Polished Pistons , Lifters, Shoplifters , Flakers , Fisters , Scrapers , Rumblers , Thrashers , Haters , etc.! 
and of course the whole Lone Wolfs and the guests.

The Draggers / Chopper Dave's Bike Show was asolutely awesome again which is probably unique in Europe with over 200 motorcycles. 

For the records: about 225 Rods and Kustoms and over 200 motorcycles were on site. 

Not to mention the 40 of the best Kustom Kulture artists in the world that could be our guest.

Can we please everyone ? Certainly not! That is not our concern , but who understands what we are trying to put on the legs, will hopefully be satisfied with us!

If you have anykind of feedback please e-mail us :

We are already looking forward to the KKF in 2015 on 5/6/7 June

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