KKF View Camper Park

After a long time looking for campgrounds we finally found an additional camping spot for you! The “KKF View Camper Park” is located right on top of the heap with an awesome view over the festivalground.
Since it is very windy on top of the heap, those tickets are only meant for caravans and people sleeping in their cars.
Tough camper can try to build up a tent, but it is not recommended.
Due to the remote location and the missing water supply there will be no shower- or wc-container on the heap, but mobile toilets will be there of course. You can use the showers below at the festival ground. Maybe it could be a good idea to bring a bicycle.
You will reach the festivalground via the big stairway you may have noticed.
The challenge is that the footpath is 1200m long and you have to climb 100m in height;-)

ATTENTION: Due to security rules we have to follow there are no Motorcycles allowed on the heap. All other vehicles have to drive in walking pace.
At the same time we’re releasing those tickets, we also release some more normal camping tickets. Please be fair and leave the normal tickets to the Bikers and tent campers as they are not able to get to the heap.